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Welcome to Our Site!

SIC is a guild dedicated to playing
through TOR PvE content while
leaving some fun time for PvP
on off weekends.  We welcome all
to our ranks and believe in an open
door policy.

Use this place as a repository for
all things SIC.  Apply,ChitChat or
just Creeping along Sic is there for

Daywalker (Macevvindu) for any questions etc.
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Guild News

New Website!

Daywalker, Dec 28, 11 9:00 PM.
    Well now that I've launched out guild and website I'll take some time to talk about myself and why I decided to organize a guild in TOR.  My names Daywalker in game and I've been playing MMO's for about 10 years now (scary to think about all that time spent) and love just about every aspect of it.
    I have played everything under the sun from Free 2 Play MMO's to just about every pay to play out there searching for just the right fit.  Although most of my leadership experience stems from Everquest, Ultima and World of Warcraft I can think of no other games thought have taught me more about human nature when it comes to video games.
    I'm taking that experience now and bringing it to a new game with renewed dedication to Star Wars.  Although I can't do it all by myself we are looking for a few good dedicated people to join our ranks and have some fun inside a seriously awesome game/universe.
    I plan on leveling my Trooper Commando to 50 by the end of January and to start to push PvE Ops and PvP events with-in our own guild and with others interested in allying themselves with us.  Hope this at least tells you a bit about myself and the manure in which I intend to pursue playing this game.
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